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Want to read A Tale Of Two Cities?It’s on the PerfectVisionInternet. Have a question about who the third person to land on the moon was?It’s on the Internet. However, want to be exposed to nudity, pedophiles, and thousands if not millions of other social deviants?You bet it’s on the Internet and just a key touch away from your child or grandchild. So, what do we do about this?First, we educate ourselves. Go to The National door alarm Center for Missing and Exploited Children website at and download their study “Online Victimization – A Report on the Nation’s Youth. ” This report will provide an eye opening look at the perils our children are under every time they access America Online, Compuserve, or the Internet via the local smart smoke detectorInternet Service Provider. It also provides a telling survey on how parents deal with their children’s use of the Internet. For example, over window alarms85% of parents have talked with their children security key fobabout being careful talking to strangers on the Net, and Glass break sensor97% of those polled check every now and then on what is on their Cove Alarm Panelchild’s computer screen. But, only half the parents ever go back and Motion Activated Cameraactually check history to ensure the child is indeed staying out ofAlarm Panel potential problem sites, and only 39% set a limit on the amountpando of time their child can be on the Internet. Though it appears that parents do realize the potential exposure their children have on the Net, less than 1/2 play a truly diligent role in ensuring Covetheir child is protected. Second, we educate others.

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Dual network for double protection; GSM and landlineSend you alerts by text message in emergenciesSame functions as high monitor systems without monthly feesChime function will notify you when a door or window is openedAuto detector allowing you to override system if it is a false alarm– Anthony DawsonDIY PerfectVisionHome Security System Buying GuideThings to Consider When Buying a DIY Home Security SystemA DIY Home Security System is a popular option for homeowners today.

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Just starting your smart home?It’s easier to do now than ever before.

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They itemize three specific things for you; to learn more about Internet security, how to develop an informative website, and how to design attractive web content.